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     Please do not call or e-mail to pitch your book.  The best way to get a careful consideration of your book idea is by submitting via mail a query letter or a proposal.  Michael Larsen and Jeff Herman have written excellent books on composing book proposals.  Use one to structure your book idea and then send it with S.A.S.E.  No S.A.S.E., no response.

     Editors often ask, ďWhy will someone be compelled to buy this book and not another?Ē  Answer that question in your proposal and fine tune it so that every word counts.  A proposal is never finished until you stop working on it.  In other words, write it and then re-write it and then re-write it.

     Agentís ink receives more than one hundred query letters and proposals monthly with a three week response time.  Weíre looking for books dealing with health, nutrition, cooking, relationships, aging, psychology, social psychology, business, sports, medicine, medical breakthroughs, fitness, and self help.  We are also interested in literary fiction and well written mystery and suspense novels.   Because fiction writing is so different than non-fiction writing, authors must have fiction publication history or some evidence that the craft has been mastered.

     We charge a three hundred dollar marketing fee that covers mailing, production, postage, phone calls, etc.  Our commission is 15%.  We do not charge a reading fee or a monthly fee for representation.  Since Agentís Ink is a very small agency, we take pride in being very selective and represent just a handful of writers.  That way we can offer more personal attention and guidance during the journey from proposal, contracting, writing, and marketing the book.

     Finally, let us be candid.  If you must tell us how to do what we do and donít want to consider suggestions or revisions, then Agentís Ink is not for you.


Why I Do This

     I love publishers who say ďNo!Ē to proposals I submit from authors I believe in.  That motivates me to work even harder.  I donít know why I am like that but that is what I did for Judy Fox, Mia Roldan, and Carole Brody Fleet.  I sent their proposals out to eighty plus publishers and all of them declined for various non-reasons.  The biggest stumbling block is also my reason for being an agent.  First time authors have an almost impossible shot of getting published.  And itís even worse if they donít have credentials.  But that is the challenge I seek, to represent authors who have something new and important to say that will help others like VOICES OF STRENGTH AND WIDOWS WEAR STILETTOS.  Both projects unleashed my passion to find a publisher no matter how long it took.  And it took more than a year before I again got the chance to make those phone calls telling my authors their books would be published.  No amount of bucks could ever buy the thrill that came when I heard the joy in their voices.  For me, thatís what itís all about.

Syd Harriet, Ph.D., Psy.D., Director

     Syd taught English, creative writing, and non-fiction writing at the college level for more than twenty-five years.  He is the author of two non-fiction books and is currently in his sixth year working on a novel.  He has published numerous short stories and articles and lectures frequently at writerís conferences.  He spent fifteen years as a radio announcer, newscaster, and has hosted dozens of radio music venues in major cities in the United States.  (I have a passion for music as much as I do for words.)  He was in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist specializing in problems facing artists, musicians, actors, and athletes.  Syd has earned five degrees, two masters, and two doctorates (I became an agent by helping students, friends, and professors find publishers for their books.  I loved the process so much I started AGENTíS INK in 1988 (formally called Agentís Inc.)  My greatest joy comes from calling an author and announcing that his/her ďchildĒ (book) was accepted for publication.  I live for that moment because I know how it feels personally.)

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